APA Meets Working Families Party (WFP)

View this APA interview with the Working Families Party to see how APA and WFP can work together.

Arvadans for Progressive Action’s Jim Arthurs sat down with WFP’s New York State Political Director Ari Kamen to explore how the two groups can work together. WFP has active chapters in New York, Connecticut, Oregon, New Jersey, Maryland, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Rhode Island, Nevada, New Mexico, and Illinois.

Jim and Ari discussed what the WFP is and what it does, the WFP’s key issues and successes in other states, the WFP approach in Colorado, and candidate training available from WFP for progressives who want to run for local office.


In Colorado, WFP aims to “make Democrats more progressive” and to help craft a coalition platform that appeals to swing voters.

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