Arvada can have better trash collection
at a lower price – and recycling too!

Join the movement to bring an organized curbside trash and recycling collection system to Arvada. Under an organized system, the city will coordinate the trash and recycling services for residents through a contract with one or more haulers. This is similar to how the city contracts for water, sewer and snow removal as a service to its residents.


Arvada residents pay far more than other nearby cities for trash collection. Golden residents have one hauler serving the city and pay as low as $7.50 for trash and recycling. That’s 38-70% less than what Arvada residents pay for trash alone.

Download the recycling fact sheet HERE to learn more. Share it with your neighbors! And let's get better trash collection at better prices with recycling.

  Garbage Recycling  

Contact your Arvada City Council member and at-large members to support organized trash/recycling:

  Mayor - Marc Williams: (303) 424-4486;
At-Large - Bob Fifer: (303) 929-4278;
At-Large - Dot Miller: (303) 885-2501;
District 1 - Nancy Ford: (303) 325-3153;
District 2 - Mark McGoff: (303) 423-5258;
District 3 - John Marriott: (720) 273-3912;
District 4 - David Jones: (720) 889-8860;

To find your City Council district click HERE.