Water  Public Land Use  Climate Reality  Fracking-Mining

Fracking and mining are methods of providing energy that eventually need to be eradicated. We need to move to 100% renewable energy in order to protect our climate, our planet, and our lands. Oil and coal companies want us to drill for every last ounce of nonrenewable energy, and we need to push back so that we can switch to renewable energy at a faster rate.

We are committed to protecting our climate, planet, and lands from fracking and mining on a local, state, and national level. We plan to pressure our national politicians to keep current fracking and mining regulations in place. We plan to pressure our state politicians allow municipalities to create their own more stringent laws in regards to oil, gas, and coal in their towns. If a town wants to pass a ban on fracking, they should be allowed to do that. We plan to support neighboring municipalities that want to keep fracking and mining out of their towns. We want to see a United States that has completely moved away from fracking and mining and completely to 100% renewable energy by 2050.