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We are privileged to live in the most beautiful state in the nation! It’s critical that we protect Coloradans from threats from some politicians that would divide us. We need to act in solidarity to promote economic justice and equality for all - regardless of race, immigration status, religion, or other.  

We all read the news and are aware of efforts to limit our rights in the name of exaggerated threats to our security. Our undocumented neighbors face the threat of deportation, despite being law abiding members of our community for decades. Coloradans of color face a Department of Justice led by a man with a history of racism. Working families, especially those with pre-existing conditions, face the threat of unaffordable health insurance. Our LGBTQ community members face the roll-back of hard won protections.

We will partner with organizations that support our cause at the state level like Planned Parenthood and immigrant rights groups. We will support legislation at the state level that protects Coloradans. And we will find and support candidates for Colorado’s General Assembly and Governorship with progressive values of inclusivity for all.

We have and will continue to respond to state bills by calling our state representatives and testifying during hearings at the Capitol. Examples include the recent attempt to dismantle Connect for Health Colorado and the anti-choice bills that came before the state assembly. If you know of a bill that we need to support or oppose, then we need you!! Please contact us HERE to learn how to get involved!