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Real, meaningful change begins right here in our local community. We have the greatest opportunity to make an impact in our hometown of Arvada, where we can build authentic relationships and solve real issues together.

We must work together to keep the divisiveness and meaningless rhetoric of some politicians out of our hometown. Here in Arvada, we have human rights issues such as homelessness, hunger, and disparities in educational opportunities that need to be addressed in non-partisan fashion.

We can help heal the nation by starting today in our own neighborhoods. What if we could build a culture of inclusivity instead of fear? What if we could insure that no Arvada kids go hungry every weekend when they don’t get the breakfast and lunch that their school provides? What if we could encourage the construction of affordable housing for working families?

Our specific goals on the issue are:

1. Safe Spaces - We are excited about the possibilities of our Safe Spaces program to engage our local businesses and community in a culture of inclusivity. This program is scheduled to kick-off in May 2017.  

2. Arvada’s Response to National Politics - We are planning a forum for the Arvada community to learn how our city plans to respond to the new administration in Washington. Look for a panel discussion from city leaders who can help us all understand the connection between what happens in Washington, and how Arvada is impacted.

Contact us if you want to help with these efforts!