What is your view about the Jefferson Parkway project? 

I'm for the beltway, against the present route. Would you like a freeway in your back yard? 

What are your views on the Arvada Urban Renewal Authority (AURA)? 

AURA should be a city function not a separate entity. That would promote more accountability. 

What are your views on using tax increment financing (TIFs) as an incentive for businesses to develop in Arvada? 

Somebody always has to pay for TIFs. I believe it would depend on if the benefits outweigh the opportunity cost. It can be good or bad depending on who foots the bill. 

What should the city's role be for utilities such as zoned trash and recycling haulers and broadband internet? 

Government's role should be to provide for people that which they can't provide for themselves - roads, utilities, parks, police & fire, etc. I also support free market competition as it keeps the prices low and the people honest. 

What is your plan to help the city reach 100% use renewable energy by 2035? 

I think new technologies continue to be promising like solar, wind, and biomass and even geothermal, but they have to be economically promising as well. I would support careful funding to see how these technologies pan out. 

What does the city need to do to address the needs of the homeless in Arvada? 

Support the organizations that support the homeless now. They would have the best and most immediate impact. 

How do existing city policies encourage gentrification? Will you support a zoning plan that has an emphasis on affordable housing? 

As a former planning commissioner for the city, I believe we need greater input into the city's comprehensive plan as that drives all planning and desires of the city are expressed by our citizens there. I support affordable housing solutions. 

Walk-ability and bike paths are increasingly popular, what are your ideas to increase the walk-ability of neighborhoods and assist the ease and safety of riding bikes? 

I have heard, although I don't know if it's still true that Arvada has more parks per capita than other city in Metro Denver. I would continue to support the city's efforts in planning for good walks & trails and develop more connections. 

How will you promote fair and equitable treatment of diverse and marginalized communities in terms of fair policing, economic advantages, and employment? 

Again, I believe government's role should be to provide for people that which they can't provide for themselves - roads, utilities, parks, police & fire. I believe fair and equitable treatment is starting point. 

Tell us about your involvement with city issues, City Council, and city staff. Have you worked for any progressive, local issues, and how did you champion them? 

I served as an Arvada Planning Commissioner from 1990-94 and learned a good deal of how the city operates. I will always support issues that our citizens want, but I also value their individual freedom of choice which is not always the wants of the many