Lorena Garcia

1.     Will you commit to working on campaign finance reform and what are your ideas to reduce the influence money has right now in politics?

YES. I would prohibit all dark money that comes from PACs and Super PACs where donors don’t have to disclose their information, as well as limit ALL contributions to the $2,800/$5,600 thresholds for federal campaigns, including self-funded campaigns. This would require overturning Citizens United and Buckley v. Valeo, which in turn would require either Constitutional Amendments, or stacking the Supreme Court with justices who are more inclined to vote favorably for campaign finance reform. I support stacking the Supreme Court, though this is not a fail-safe option either. This is why I also support publicly funded elections that would provide vouchers to every citizen, that way everyone, regardless of their socioeconomic status, can participate in the process.

2.    Will you support a stronger response from the IRS to police non-profit entities that are clearly not following 501C3 rules? For example: the NFL and the NRA?

YES! I would also include churches on this list.

3.    Will you support redesigning our military to defend our country from a military attack instead of its current design of projecting power around the world? How could this be accomplished?

YES! We need to cut our military spending in half. With fewer resources, we will only be able to support real defense operations, and will no longer be able to fund occupation wars. I will also push for a ban on arms sales to countries that clearly violate human rights including Saudi Arabia, Isreal, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates. Foreign Military sales resulted in $49,124,200,000 in 2018 alone!

4.    Will you support the eradication of the US Homeland Security? Please explain. Do you support legislation to ban private correctional facilities?

Yes, I support abolishing this agency, and in particular ICE. I also support banning private correctional facilities and all detention centers.

5.    Do you support the closing of all private ICE detention centers in Colorado? Do you support mandatory third party inspections of all private Federally-contracted correctional facilities in Colorado? What are your thoughts regarding Immigration Holds? Do you support an unequivocal ban on family separation of migrant and immigrant families?

YES, Abolish ICE, and close all detention centers not only in Colorado but across the nation. We should also eliminate all private correctional facilities. Until that happens I would support a mandatory 3rd party inspection program, however, would be hesitant to do so, only because if the goal is to shut these facilities down, we have enough proof of the inhumane treatment through FOIAs and testimonies and implementing the 3rd party inspection could be used as a reason to delay the elimination of the facilities. Immigration holds should be unconstitutional. We should not be keeping people imprisoned and caged for not having proper documentation. We need to invest in and expand the Sponsorship program and allow immigrants to reside with their friends and family. We must also decriminalize illegal border crossing.

6.    What is your solution for the Healthcare Crisis in Colorado and in our Country? Do you support health care for individuals who are so disabled they are unable to seek health care on their own? Do you support a non-profit single-payer health care system?

YES! I support Medicare For All. It must be comprehensive and include long term care, care for people living with disabilities, mental health parity, vision, dental, and reproductive health.

7.    What will you do to restore rights at the federal level for Lesbian, Gay, and especially Transgender individuals? Do you support the opportunity for transgender individuals to serve in the military? Do you support the government offering resources to LGBTQIA+ individuals?

YES. 2021 will require a lot of work to clean up the injustices that the Trump administration has enacted through executive order and rules and regulations. LGBTQ protections exist in rules and regs and also through case law. We must codify a Trans-inclusive Equality Act in Congress that protects the LGBTQIA+ community from discrimination including the military. Human rights protections MUST be constitutional or they can be changed too often.

8.    Will you support and advocate for the elimination of the filibuster in the Senate?  If not, how do you plan to achieve any progressive reforms/initiatives, since we won’t have a filibuster-proof majority in 2020?

YES! I am 100% in support of eliminating the filibuster.

9.    Will you support the Green New Deal? What other policies do you support to battle the climate crisis? How will you work to get something meaningful passed?

YES! I am fully championing the Green New Deal and the Climate Justice bill being championed by Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Harris. Corporate socialism is the greatest roadblock because we literally pay fossil fuel companies to exploit our resources and exacerbate climate change with little to no repercussions. Ending fossil fuel subsidies and diverting that money to renewable energy is the fastest and most impactful move we can make. Energy producers are not the only culprits though. We still invest heavily in non-biodegradable and single-use products, while not investing enough into reusing, repurposing, and recycling. We need to ban single-use plastics, invest more in hemp and other biodegradable products, as well as invest more into recycling plants. We also need to invest heavily in developing renewable energy battery storage that is available to everyone. Without this type of accessible technology, a 100% rapid shift will not be possible. We must end oil and gas subsidies and I will also be championing a 3% revenue tax on all fossil fuel companies for 5 years. This five years is due to the timeline for their shift to 100% renewable energy. If they don’t transform their entire operations to supporting 100% renewables they will be shut down.

10. The United States is facing many problems today, what would be the first thing you would change if you could wave a magic wand and make it happen? 

1. Reverse every action by the Trump administration to achieve the EXACT opposite impact, for example: The $2 trillion tax cut would turn into a $2trillion tax increase on the wealthy, the teen pregnancy prevention program would not have been cut, it would have grown double in size, the justices appointed to the supreme court would have been clones of RBG and Sonya Sotomayor, the reduction in section 8 housing would have been an expansion of housing, the repeal of the tiny home incentive would have been doubled, the number of immigrants deported, and families torn apart, and kids stolen would have been the number of immigrants granted legal status and set on the path towards citizenship, the number of beds occupied in for-profit prisons would have been a doubling down on mental health services for folks to prevent incarceration, and the restrictions on food stamps would have been a minimum wage increase of $15 and the hundreds of billions in oils and gas subsidies would have gone to combat the climate crisis!

and if my magic wand still had juice, I would expand the Supreme Court from 9 justices to 11-15 justices, implement a mandatory hearing for all bills with at least three co-sponsors, implement term limits in congress AND the SCOTUS and have Trump and all of his puppets including Bret Cavanaugh, and William Barr arrested and placed on community service cleaning our highways for the rest of their lives.