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Arvadans for Progressive Action 

APA is a grassroots political group providing education, encouragement, and resources to help our community push progressive ideals at local, state, and national levels.

Our Action Teams

Arvadans For Progressive Action has teams that focus on anti-war, affordable housing, education, environment, human rights, political action, and healthcare. 

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APA economy team

Our Action Teams


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The Anti-war Action Team works to increase awareness of the enormous impact of war.                                                    

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Affordable Housing

The Affordable Housing Team focuses on increasing the supply of affordable housing reducing homelessness in Colorado.                                                 

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We recognize the importance of statewide education that is adequately funded and equitable for all Colorado kids.

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APA’s Environment Action Team promotes a strong environmental policy on local, state, national, and global levels. 

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healthcare professionals

APA’s Healthcare Action Team believes that Healthcare is a Human Right, not a commodity.                                                      

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Political Action

political action

The Political Action Team educates voters on political candidates’ positions regarding progressive issues, and encourages local political activism.

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Human Rights

human rights

APA’s Human Rights team is focused on educating the public, advocating policies, and identifying candidates that support human rights.                                                  

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Voting is the cornerstone of our democracy and the fundamental right upon which all our civil liberties rest. Let’s not take it for granted again. Protect voting rights for everyone!



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