Climate Action Team

The Climate Action Team works to ensure a habitable world for all life given the existential risks posed by continued dependency on fossil fuels.  Science makes it clear that worldwide annual greenhouse gas emissions from the burning of fossil fuels and unsustainable land and waste practices must be reduced in half by 2030 to avoid irreversible tipping points leading to famine and overwhelming numbers of climate refugees fleeing regions rendered uninhabitable.

Clean air and potable water are essential to life. The other creatures who share our planet deserve to live out their lives and the plants we so enjoy seeing and eating contribute to the balance of nature too. Humanity is part of nature, not separate from it, so human activities must be brought back into balance with nature.

The Climate Action Team has worked with partner organizations such as Mountain Mamas, the Arvada Sustainability Advisory Committee, Colorado Rising, and 350 Colorado to advocate for climate legislation at the local, state, and federal levels. The collaboration with Mountain Mamas led to an award from the Jefferson County School Board recognizing the work done by the Jeffco Students & Parents For Climate Action – advocating for the hiring of a staff member focused on sustainability in the school district.

The APA Climate Action Team has also testified at Arvada City Council meetings to support prioritizing climate action in the Arvada’s strategic plan, as well as support recognizing climate action as essential to Arvada’s economic vitality. We have supported Arvada in developing a Climate Action Plan in 2024. We helped organize tours of the Geos zero-emission, net-zero neighborhood in Arvada by city council candidates and union leaders. The tours contributed to the Geos neighborhood being awarded the 2024 Jefferson County Sustainable Business Award. We have also hosted park clean-ups, promoted a city-run trash collection program, and supported other local environmental initiatives.

Climate Action Team Leadership

Dar-Lon Chang is the current Climate Action Team leader. If you have any questions, have an initiative you would like to partner on with the APA Climate Action Team, or wish to join the team, please email Dar-Lon.