Anti-war Action Team

The Anti-war Action Team works to increase awareness of the enormous impact of war. We lobby our senators and congresspersons, distribute information at public gatherings like the Harvest Festival, and host speakers for Arvadans for Progressive Action monthly meetings.

We have organized presentations ranging in topics like “Conflict and Refugees”, “Costs of War”, “War and Forced Immigration”, and “Understanding the War in Ukraine”. Our speakers have included; David Barsamian founder of Alternative Radio, Rebeca Zuniga-Hamlin of the Denver Justice and Peace Commission, Dr. Nader Hashemi of the University of Denver, Joe Horther of the Colorado Refugee Services Program, and Sarah Jackson founder of Casa de Paz.

The Anti-War Team Leader is currently Bruce Morrison.

If you have questions, concerns, or wish to join this action team contact Bruce!

The Impact Of War


War has a profound and negative impact on our soldiers, our economy, our politics, and on terrorism. Liberating ourselves from militarism and war would release significant resources and allow us to protect our freedoms and build a better future. 

Impact on Soldiers

Joining the U.S. Military is a profoundly unselfish act that places one’s life in the hands of the citizens of the United States. We betray that trust and sacrifice when we risk their lives in military adventures that contribute nothing to our national security. Our soldiers return home with PTSD, brain injuries, and other serious injuries as well as high rates of suicide. We owe it to our soldiers to do everything in our power to end this failed war policy and replace it with more constructive engagement with the world.

Impact on the Economy

Liberating our country from militarism and war will allow our military to be redesigned to defend our country instead of its current design which is to fight multiple wars in other people’s countries. This reduction in the scope of our military will allow trillions of dollars over the next decade to be used for infrastructure, clean energy, schools, access to health care, and supporting our local economies. It will allow our bravest and brightest to direct energies and creativity to build better communities, economies, and prosperity for all.

Impact on Terrorism

Terrorist attacks on American targets are a consequence of war. Desert Storm (1991) was a turning point that resulted in the 911 attacks. Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003) contributed to the rise of groups like ISIS and more suicide attacks on American targets. Terrorism in turn feeds Islamophobia as well as attacks on our freedoms like the Patriot Act and NSA spying. Without our addiction to war, we could engage in the world more constructively and cooperatively. Our State Department has incredible potential to be a major contributor to peace. 

Impact on Communities

War is the ultimate exercise in dehumanizing human beings who are different so they can be killed without remorse. War celebrates violence as the ultimate solution to human conflict. War also creates a rationale for secrecy which is used as an excuse to keep vital information away from citizens. Without war and the ideology of war, we will be better able to end racist and militarized policing and build a healthier more democratic society.

Impact on the World

Our country has the potential to have a profoundly positive impact on the world. However, our wars have a serious negative impact. The increase in refugees from the Middle East, Africa, and elsewhere is the consequence of wars that destroy infrastructure, economies, and civil society, driving immigrants to flee only to encounter hatred and violence in western countries which have been complicit in destroying their societies. War increases sexual violence against women and girls. War and the preparation for war has a major negative impact on the environment. Imagine if our government pursued a pragmatic policy of peace and freedom instead of war.