Political Action Team

The Political Action Team exists to monitor local and statewide political decisions and candidates that affect the residents of Colorado. The team seeks to educate local, state, and federal officeholders about progressive issues and inform the populace about where politicians stand on issues and how they can effect change.


Over the past few years the Political Action Team has:

  • Developed specific questions for candidates running for various offices, both local and statewide.
  • Conducted three sets of questionnaires to candidates running for office in 2018-2024 and posted responses for the public to read.
  • Developed an endorsement policy and endorsed local candidates in 2018, 2019, and 2023.
  • Held candidate forums in 2018, 2019, 2022, and 2023 and co-sponsored one in 2020 between Hickenlooper and Romanoff
  • Written countless postcards for candidates, knocked on hundreds of doors, texted thousands of phone numbers, and maintained a high level of interest in involvement in the political process.


Candidate Survey Responses for 2024

APA surveyed local Colorado candidates running in the 2024 election. These are the detailed responses to our questionnaire. Please note that all declared candidates, regardless of party, were contacted. We are posting responses received. 

2024 APA Endorsements

APA’s voting members will release endorsements closer to the November 2024 election. Check back soon for APA endorsements.
(Remember that to get an endorsement from APA, 60% or more of the responding members had to vote to endorse a candidate or proposition.)

APA is a diverse progressive group. These endorsements are made by a majority vote. We encourage all members to watch our SD 19 candidate’s forum and make an educated vote.