The 2022 general election will majorly impact important issues Arvadans for Progressive Action is working on. In order to provide information about the candidates, questionnaires were sent to the U.S. Representative candidates in Congressional Districts 7 and 8, U.S. Senate candidates, Governor candidates, and Colorado House candidates in districts 24 and 27. We received answers from Lindsey Daugherty in House District 24 and Brianna Titone in House District 27. There are other very important elections too. We have listed additional candidates’ Websites (as we find them).

Questionnaire Answers

Lindsey Daugherty HD24

Brianna Titone HD27



U.S House of Representatives

Congressional District 7

Brittany Pettersen Democrat

Eric Aadland Republican

Ross Klopf Libertarian

Congressional District 8

Matthew Payette unaffiliated

Steve Zorn unaffiliated

Yadira Caraveo Democrat

Barbara Kirkmeyer Republican

Tim Long Center


U.S. Senate

Michael Bennet Democrat

Joe O’Dea Republican

Teal’c Anderson (Freedom) and Aaron Trevino (unaffiliated) are listed as candidates, but no Websites were found.


Colorado Governor

Brian Vande Krol unaffiliated

Jim Rundberg unaffiliated

Ralph Tingle unaffiliated

Zachary Varon unaffiliated

Kevin Ruskusky Libertarian

Jared Polis Democrat

Heidi Ganahl Republican

Jarred Ahrend (unaffiliated), Chadwick Bowman (unaffiliated), William Redmon (unaffiliated), and Christopher Salgado (unaffiliated) are listed as candidates but no Websites were found.

Attorney General

Phil Weiser Democrat

John Kellner Republican

Robert Barbrady (American Constitution) and William F Robinson III (Libertarian) are listed as candidates, but no Websites were found.


Secretary of State

Amanda Campbell American Constitution

Jena Griswold Democrat

Pam Anderson Republican

Gary Swing Unity

Jeffory Orrok (Approval Voting) and Bennett Rutledge (Libertarian) are listed as candidates, but no Websites were found.


State Treasurer

Dave Young Democrat

Lang Sias Republican


State Board of Education

District 8

Peggy Propst Republican

Rhonda Solis Democrat

James Treibert (American Constitution) was listed as a candidate, but no valid website was found.

At Large

Dan Maloit Republican

Kathy Plomer Democrat

Norahlyza Tung (Approval Voting) and Kevin Lorusso (Libertarian) are listed as candidates, but no Websites were found.


Board of Regents

District 8

Yolanda Ortega Democrat

Mark VanDriel Republican


Lindsey Daugherty Democrat

William Patterson Republican


HD 27

Brianna Titone Democrat

Christina Carlino (withdrawn) Republican

Jacob David Luria Libertarian

Note: A new candidate for the Republicans will be appointed by the vacancy committee

RTD Director

District L

Ian Harwick non-partisan No website found


Jeffco County Commissioner

District 3

Lesley Dahlkemper Democrat

Donald Rosier Republican

Jeffco County Clerk & Recorder

Amanda Gonzalez Democrat

Vicki Pyne Republican

John Putt (unaffiliated) is listed as a candidate, but no Website was found.

Jeffco Coronor

Annette Cannon Democrat

Matt Archuleta Republican

Shannon Ryan-Cebula (unaffiliated) is listed as a candidate, but no website was found.


Jeffco Assessor

Scot Kersgaard Democrat

Libby Szabo Republican



Bob Hennessey Republican No Website found.


Jeffco Treasurer

Jerry DiTullio Democrat

Faye Griffin Republican No Website found


Jeffco Sheriff

John Berry unaffiliated

Regina Marinelli Democrat

Ed Brady Republican