The Arvadans for Progressive Action endorsement survey results are in!

The APA Political Action Team is pleased to announce the results of our member survey. We have endorsed two candidates:

Please plan to attend our monthly zoom meeting on August 15, 4 pm-5 pm to meet these two candidates and hear how you can help their campaign.

APA endorses a limited number of candidates in order to focus our efforts most effectively. Even though we have formally endorsed only two candidates there was overwhelming support for the democratic candidates we asked our members about. We urge our members and friends to find out more about the candidates and help in more than our two endorsed campaigns if possible. Remember, too, that funding is always an issue so a bit of cash is always welcome if you have any to spare.

Below, is a list of the other races we surveyed, the candidates who garnered support in each race, and their websites. This is such an important election coming up so please get involved and absolutely plan to vote down ballot by November 3, 2020!