APA RECAP: January Meeting-Healthcare For All In Colorado 2023

Watch this lively discussion with former State Senator Jeanne Nicholson, a long-time activist for Medicare for All who is building the Coalition for Common Sense Healthcare. Also featured is Representative Andrew Boesenecker. He is the primary sponsor of a 2023 bill assessing costs, benefits, and ways to finance a Colorado universal healthcare system based on 10 Health Care essentials. This bill is the logical next step to build on the 2021 Healthcare savings report. In short, this report confirmed that a publicly financed and privately delivered nonprofit healthcare finance system would save billions of dollars. It will cover everybody in Colorado while increasing overall employment. There were some probing questions from the audience also.

Meeting time stamps:

  • Cathy’s history and introductions start at 22:14
  • Rep. Andy Boesenecker at 28:25
  • Former Sen. Jeanne Nicholson at 42:35
  • Q & A (there are some good questions) 1.00:01