Arvadans for Progressive Action (APA) Call to Action for October 20th through October 26th.



We’ve gathered up the key ballot issues and races that’ll be on your ballot (depending on where you live) this November. Pick a race, click the links, and get involved!

ALL WEEK: Support APA Endorsed Candidates!

Arvadans for Progressive Action endorsed Rachel Zenzinger, Senate District 19, and Brianna Titone, House District 27 for the 2020 election year.  Please donate to their campaigns if you can and offer as much volunteer time as you can. This is an incredibly important year for elections so please think about what you can do each day that would help a progressive candidate get elected and then get involved with your candidate(s) of choice. Below are the links to Rachel’s and Brianna’s campaigns. Thanks!



We’ve gathered up the key ballot issues and races that’ll be on your ballot (depending on where you live) this November. Find out and get involved! We have five weeks to get this done.


Our Leadership Team is suggesting the following initiative votes. We are not
endorsing any position rather giving our opinion on which to vote yes or no. We did not reach a consensus
on some and are taking a neutral stance.


Please get involved with our endorsed candidates and an issue or two. Make calls, Send money, Talk to
your friends, Contact the websites listed.


This is an important year so please research. The blue book can


Also: visit our website for our latest blog on the political page.


Ballot Initiatives and amendments:

Prop 113-National Popular Vote: group discussion Oct 3; websites:

Prop 114-Restoration of Gray Wolves: neutral; website:


Prop 115-Prohibition of late-term abortions: Suggested Vote is No; website:

Prop 116-State Income Tax Reduction: Suggested Vote is No; website:

Prop 117-Voter approval of fee base enterprises: Suggested vote is No; website: there is no organized
website against this proposition,

Prop 118-Paid family leave: suggested vote is Yes; website:

Prop EE-Cigarette, Tobacco and Nicotine tax: group discussion Oct 3; website: none found at this time
Amendment 76-Citizen qualification: Suggested vote is No; website: It would prevent 17 yr. olds who
turn 18 by the general election from voting in the primary.

Amendment 77-Local approval of gaming limits: Neutral; website:

there is not an opposition website at this time.
Amendment B-Repeal Gallagher: group discussion Oct 3: website: none found at this time
Amendment C-Bingo/raffles, allow paid help, change 5yr minimum to apply to 3 yr: Neutral; Website: None found at this time.




Sign up to phone or text bank as we reach out to our supporters. These GOTV events will be virtual, but One Colorado staff will be available via Zoom throughout. Don’t wake up on November 4th wishing you had done more!



Look here for the statewide ballot issues you’ll see on your ballot, and share this with your network:




Indivisible and partners are building a coalition of voters ready to mobilize if Donald Trump refuses to accept the results of the 2020 presidential election. There will be Colorado-based events ready to spring up, if needed. RSVP here, and SHARE:




Our country is in dire need of change, in ways some of us had never anticipated prior to 2016. We CANNOT check out after the election ends in 15 days. We MUST press on, stay in the fight, rest as needed, and understand that the struggle for justice, safety, freedom, and equality continues. We must stay in the fight for our children, our friends, our neighbors, our family. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for ways to stay in the fight. For those who might be interested in receiving alerts about post-election results



For additional events that may come up throughout the week, please visit our

Facebook Events Page





TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. EXERCISE, SLEEP, BE CREATIVE, READ FOR PLEASURE, LAUGH. DOs and DON’Ts: DO say that you are a member of APA during your calls. Please DON’T speak on behalf of the group. (“I’m calling from Arvadans for Progressive Action, and I….”). Please contact

to join one of our action teams: Technology, Education, Health Care, Economy, Anti-War, Political Action, Environment, and Human Rights.

If you would like to be part of our Facebook group, please let me know. If you would like to become a voting APA member, please register here:

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