Ballot Initiatives-CO 2020

Below are the Arvadans for Progressive Action Leadership Team’s recommendations for the 2020 Ballot Initiatives  (PDF.) These are not formal endorsements, as we have not asked our voting membership about these.  The informal recommendations below are presented to help members as they vote this year.

Note: The PDF file above is formatted nicely, but lacks clickable links, while the table below has live links – take your pick!

And of course, PLEASE VOTE!!!
Initiative Leadership team position How to Volunteer
Prop 113 – National Popular Vote yes To advocate FOR the NPV, volunteer to text voters, send letters to editor etc:

Prop 114 – Restoration of Gray Wolves yes  
Prop 115 – Prohibition on late-term abortions no Volunteer with Planned Parenthood Votes:
Prop 116 – State Income Tax Rate Reduction no Learn more and spread the word:

Prop 117 – Voter Approval for Fee-Based Enterprises (strengthen TABOR) no  
Prop 118 – Paid Family Leave yes Learn more and sign up to volunteer here:

Prop EE – Cigarette, Tobacco, Nicotine tax No position To advocate FOR Prop EE: Learn more and sign up to volunteer here:

Amendment 76 – Citizenship Qualification of Electors no  
Amendment 77 – Local Voter Approval of Gaming Limits No position  
Amendment B – Repeal Gallagher yes  
Amendment C – Bingo Raffles Paid Help, Repeal 5 Yr Minimum No position