Candidate questionnaire for the 2021 Arvada City Council Races has been sent. Candidate responses will be posted here after the deadline of August. 16.

These are the questions we asked.

There will be a candidate forum on Sat. September 11 at 4 pm via Zoom, be sure to tune in! 

2021 City Council Candidate questions

  1. What is your view about the Jefferson Parkway project?
  2. What are your views on the Arvada Urban Renewal Authority (AURA)
  3. What are your views on using tax increment financing (TIFs) as an incentive for businesses to develop in Arvada? And, if so, what do you think should be incentivized?
  4. What should the city’s role be in developing broadband internet for Arvada citizens?
  5. What is your plan to help the city reach 100% use renewable energy by 2035?
  6. We understand that the city is working with other Jeffco governments to create Housing Navigation Centers to help the homeless achieve housing with needed supportive services.  How do you plan to educate the residents of Arvada to help them understand the causes of homelessness and most importantly, support these Navigation Centers to avoid NIMBY-ism at the chosen locations?
  7. It appears that existing city policies maintain the current “two Arvada’s” — wealthier and less diverse West Arvada versus older, less affluent East Arvada.  
    1. How specifically do you think the city can increase affordable housing, rental and for-sale products, to provide more diversity and affordability throughout Arvada? 
    2. Do you support the formation of a citizen’s Housing Advisory Committee?
  8. Walk-ability and bike paths are increasingly popular, what are your ideas to increase the walkability of neighborhoods and assist the ease and safety of riding bikes?
  9. Health Care is an issue most Americans are worried about. A health care resolution was presented to the City Council asking in the recent past asking the Arvada City Council to support a single-payer universal health care system. If a similar resolution were again presented asking government leaders to support such a system, would you vote to sign and send to state and federal leaders?
  10. City policing is an issue foremost in many citizen’s minds. There are many suggestions, concerns, and needs in Arvada. 
    • What are your thoughts on alternatives to uniformed police making mental health and public safety/nuisance calls? 
    • What will you do to get body cameras on uniforms before the state-mandated date of July 1, 2023? 
    • Do you support a citizen’s advisory committee to APD?