Hi Arvadans for Progressive Action – we have lots of state actions you can take this week!  This is the busy time in our Colorado Assembly’s season, and you can really make an impact.  Thanks, everyone!


The Indivisible Colorado Legislative Table highlights “Indivisi-Bills’ that match our values and need our help. Find all Calls to Action on Indivisi-Bills and monitored bills here. Simple actions recommended below.


  1. SB21-062: Jail Population Management Tools 

Provides peace officers more discretion to issue a summons or complaint rather than immediate rest for various offenses and prohibits arrest for certain low-level offenses. Supporters include ACLU, BLM5280, NAACP


  1. HB21-1194: Immigration Legal Defense Fund

Creates the immigration legal defense fund. Currently,  More than ⅔ of immigrants do not have the resources to pay for attorneys. Sponsors include CIRC, AFSC, RMAIN


  1. SB21-087: Agricultural Workers Rights

Grants  agricultural workers the same labor laws and rights currently afforded to other labor forces in Colorado by removing special treatment provisions, such as exemption from minimum wage laws.

  • DO THIS: If you have time for just one action, send emails to Senate Democrats, especially Senator Donovan, Senator Kolker or to House leadership (Esgar, Garnett)


  1. SB21-200,

Reduce Greenhouse Gases Increase Environmental Justice

SB-200 is a climate bill with the broad support of environmental and justice organizations all across the state. The biggest challenge for the bill is that Governor Polis said he might veto it. Polis needs to hear from every one of us.  We’re getting organized with this doc – join us here.


👉COLORADO–Other Statewide Actions/Events


  • May 8th: Host or Join a  John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Action Day event.
  • May 10, 6:00: Public Comments on Redistricting workshop from All on the Line
  • May 19th, 6:30: Colorado Statewide Call and Activist’s Cafe Register now



From our APA Healthcare Action Team:  Please contact your federal Congressional rep to sign on as co-sponsors to the State-Based Universal Health Care Act to be introduced on May 20. Several members of our Healthcare Action Team met with Rep Ed Perlmutter to urge him to become a co-sponsor on this bill, and calls from you can help persuade him.  APA also signed onto the letter.  

Check it out!  SBUHC sign-on letter; please share; deadline is May 4th: 


  –  Robin