Michael Griffith Arvada Planning Commission

RECAP: APA Meeting Development in Arvada

On Saturday, June 8th APA met to discuss development in Arvada and the process that happens behind the scenes to plan for that development. Michael Griffith, the Chair of the Arvada City Planning Commission, presented the Arvada City development process and led us in a lively discussion (LOTS of questions). Thank you to everyone who participated and came ready to discuss!

Below are a few links that will lead you to more information about that planning process. Watch the full meeting in the YouTube link above.

Development projects:

This site was launched in 2020 and tracks upcoming projects and projects currently under construction. These are development projects, housing, retail, industrial (think buildings and private land development)


Infrastructure projects:


This site tracks infrastructure projects in Arvada – these are publicly funded projects (think roadway, stormwater, utilities, etc)



The Land Development Code is the rule book for building in our City. It is specific and exhaustive. This is a great resource if you already know what you are looking for.

Comprehensive plan:


The Comprehensive Plan is a collection of aspirational goals for our City, including a full build-out zoning map specifying the use and type of buildings for each zone. This is a good read for anyone interested in our City goals and how planners and community members felt the final build-out of Arvada would look back in 2014 (probably time to update!)

Speak up Arvada:


Great website managed by the City that helps connect community members to project outreach and surveys. This is a valuable platform for public engagement on current projects,

Micro Mobility Pilot Program Report:


In 2022, Arvada conducted a pilot examining the future of e-scooters and other “micro-mobility” opportunities. This is the report on the findings of that pilot program.