“Last September, the Colorado School of Public Health released a 91-page report that concluded if we adopted single-payer, we could provide health coverage to every resident, increase employment and improve overall population health. At the same time, we would spend billions less than we are spending now on health care.”  Dave Anderson

Do you want to cut your costs for deductibles, premiums, medical procedures? Impossible – you say? Really cutting costs and giving access to ALL Coloradans CAN happen!  Healthcare is a public good, NOT a consumer commodity.  Incremental fixes can’t solve the problem – they just make the system more complex and hard to manage. It also gives profiteers (middlemen) more opportunity to skim money off the top, stealing dollars that should be for your care.  We will ALL need healthcare at one time or another.  Covid has illustrated how broken our healthcare system is – people are dying from lack of access to care! 

  –  Cathy M. Blake, APA Healthcare Team Leader

Check out these resources:

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Here’s a link to some talking points.